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Fabrice Tocco and Laurent Lafaye are long-standing partners of Dynergie.
They have chosen to remain with us for support in the lead-up to, during and after the creation of Dawex.
A long-standing partnership that has enabled them to secure DAWEX's growth.


Dynergie has enabled Dawex to:
- Finance the creation of its teams (> 30 employees)
- To finance its ambitious research, development and innovation projects,
- To become a recognised player in Data Monetization, at the level of the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs and the European Commission

  • Monitoring of financing mechanisms

    2 national calls for projects related to the protection of personal data, both identified by Dynergie's teams and currently awarded to Dawex thanks to the work done by Dynergie's teams

  • Rapid JEI status validation

    A rapid validation of JEI status has enabled Dawex to ensure its eligibility for the CIR very early on, to reduce its personnel costs and thus to swiftly and smoothly build a team of experts.

  • Assistance with fundraising campaign

    An immediate leveraging of Dawex's equity (€1 of equity = €1 raised by Dynergie).

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