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Our vision & values

What makes a team like Dynergie successful?
What are the foundations of our success and the success of those we work with?

Yes, we want to become a leader in innovation in France, and beyond!
Yes, we believe in a global, 360-degree vision of innovation, and we provide all the necessary support for our clients to respond to it.
Yes, we have put together a team of innovation champions relying on highly selective recruitment, experience, continuous training and external partnerships. We are careful to equip our employees and conduct our business with the tools, especially digital, that enable us to be more efficient and to access global markets.

Yes, we put all our effort into this desire, into these objectives, and a set of values to which we all adhere. These values apply to our relationships and external practice as well as to our internal life. Here they are:

Why choose Dynergie?

60 innovation champions

In existence for over 10 years

CIR and CII approvals

Partner network

Telephone : +33 489 851 055