Our approach innovation


Dynergie, creator of growth

Created in 2006, we support high-potential start-ups, SMEs, mid-caps and large companies in their innovation projects, from identifying opportunities to market roll-out.

To carry out the innovation projects entrusted to us, we have sought out the top experts in each field. In our capacity as both an innovation consultant and maker, we structure, deploy and turn your innovations into effective growth drivers.

Our expertise :

  • UX & UI design/client experience experts at the cutting edge of  “design thinking”
  • service and product design
  • bringing together start-ups and large groups
  • economic model design
  • digital transformation
  • financial engineering: private and public financing of innovation
  • technology: AI, blockchain, IoT, robotics, etc.
Headquarters: Lyon, quays of Saône

Our Vision : Bankable innovation

“The smarter your ideas are, the greater is your commercial responsibility: if no one buys, in the end you contribute nothing to the world. If you can’t sell the dream, how will you sell the reality?!

There is no greater failure in innovation than a brilliant invention that has never been released. The goal of an innovation is always to improve the world: a little or a lot, for a few or for all; to make things simpler, cheaper, faster, etc. And yet, if no one buys your creations, in the end you contribute nothing to the world. The act of purchasing allows the client to demonstrate that they understand the value of your work; it is an essential step in the innovation process.


The essence of our approach to innovation can be summed up as follows: sell from the beginning, and sell at all stages.


From the outset of the project, we sell the vision to find partners willing to share the ambition and risks. Then we sell the promise in pre-orders, demonstrate interest and secure financing. When the first clients have been delivered, they become your ambassadors, spreading your products, and helping you to sell the latest versions. At each stage, selling makes it possible to provide progress in line with the reality of the market, to minimise risks, and to reduce financial needs. Practical and simple, this approach ensures that you never take more risks than necessary and maintains the full potential of your projects.

Sébastien Deschaux, Directeur Projets Innovation
Sébastien Deschaux, Innovation Projects Director