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Dynergie can provide you with all the innovation expertise you require.
Our teams, involving 60 professionals who are all innovation champions, will handle every aspect of your innovation.
Determining your growth drivers, structuring and implementing your projects, supporting your developments using the best national or European funding, testing your markets, protecting your innovations… Dynergie can provide all of these skills and tools.
Dynergie is unique in the market, as a consultant and ‘maker’ that closely meets your innovation requirements.

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Working directly with a panel of future end users, Dynergie was able to draw up a ‘robot portrait’ of our future hospitality robot. In concrete terms, this enabled us to orient our development strategy according to the expectations of these users, and to present our clients with the concept that will appeal to their own customers!



The Dynergie teams took the time to listen and really understand the Adrenaline Hunter project. They were therefore able to integrate technical innovation and research issues, and in particular to assimilate the schedule of the various projects of our international booking platform, and to ensure that they were well-presented when we requested Tax Credit or JEI status, without needing to go back and forth multiple times with our management.

Philippe BICHET


Dynergie helped us with a protection strategy for several of our development projects. Through their expertise in industrial property and their dynamic insight into these topics, the Dynergie teams enabled us to quickly identify which elements of our innovations require protection, and which potentially competing technologies to monitor.

Pierre-François TISSOT

Founder, In&motion

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